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Xavier3 x Stephon Marbury

Xavier3, a brand born in 2019 from the collaboration between NBA and CBA legend Stephon Marbury and seasoned men's fashion insiders, carries the name derived from the midpoint of Marbury's English name and his jersey number 3.

The Brand upholds a design concept that is casual, diverse, and playful, showcasing the brand's distinctive fashion flair. Stephon Marbury, as the founder, works alongside famous designers to develop a sustainable and trendy fashion label. With a focus on environmental materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and trendy techniques, they offer a range of stylish apparel to consumers, ensuring a versatile and enjoyable fashion experience.

"Xavier3 daring to strive, selflessness, and fearlessness."

Our Products

We ideate, design, and develop everything with purpose.

Our intent is to produce garments that ensure a comfortable foot sensation for people in various scenarios. Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do, and we mean it. Our design philosophy meets at the intersection of performance and style. We have to be the best in whatever we do, which means things will take time-but that's not an excuse to not get it done quickly.

This is the XAVIER3 way.

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The Xavier3's Manifesto


Yeah, so life happens.
But if you want anything bad enough,
You'll Find A Way.

Love is All!